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Network of Producers

At Mount Wolfe Forest Farm, we work with a network of local farmers and food producers to bring you a range of delicious local foods. Some of the products you’ll have access to include year-round in-season vegetables, fresh free range eggs, baked goods, flour, dried beans and legumes, fruits, soups, maple syrup, honey and preserves. And all of this great food is produced well within 100 miles of our farm.

What We Produce For MWFF: Garlic
Producer: Matt Soltys
Location: Rockwood
Production Methods: Non-certified Organic

A longtime organic home gardener and permaculturist, Matt has been growing garlic for sale since 2012 and planted an acre of six different varieties of garlic in 2016. When not growing garlic, Matt teaches part time at the Guelph Outdoor School and helps raise his two young children.

What We Produce For MWFF: Rhubarb, Asparagus
Producer: Bethany Klapwyc and Sebastien Ramirez, Zocalo Organics
Location: Erin
Production Methods: Certified Organic

We got into farming because of our passion for the environment and our love for the outdoors. We did not come from a farming background, which means we’ve been learning as quickly as possible from as many mentors as possible. We have spent the last six years learning and working with other ecological farmers and studying Sustainable Agriculture at Fleming College. In June 2014, with the help of friends and family, we were able to purchase a farm, which we named Zócalo Organics. Before us, this farm was called Deerfields Nursery, a successful Organic Farm business run by John Sutherland. John had a vision of land stewardship that led him to plant many trees on the property and care for the land organically for 25 years. We are honoured to carry on his legacy. In his retirement John has continued to be a mentor for us as we learn and work on the property. We are committed to growing delicious organic produce for years to come. In the short-term our focus is to produce high-quality organic vegetables. Our long-term vision includes pasture-raised livestock and various types of perennial fruits.

What We Produce For MWFF: Winter salad greens
Producer: Peace Ranch - Left Field Farm
Location: Caledon East
Production Methods: Non-certified Organic

The mission of Peace Ranch is to provide supportive housing and rehabilitative programs for adults who have serious mental illnesses, enabling them to live and work in a community atmosphere. Peace Ranch fulfills this mission through Psychosocial Rehabilitation principles, which enable individuals to move toward recovery. Through our commitment to this mission, we provide choice for people looking for support with mental health and addiction challenges to live and participate in programs in the rural environment of the farm, or in the communities of Brampton, Caledon and Orangeville, Ontario.

Left Field Farm is a social enterprise, operating from Peace Ranch. We are a charitable employment and training project. Left Field Farm grows and sells quality produce to employ people living with serious mental illness and support their recovery. Produce with Purpose!

What we produce for MWFF: Sprouts and microgreens
Producer: Thomas Elcome, Nature’s Nurturing
Location: Caledon
Production Methods: Non-certified Organic

We are a company specializing in microgreens, superfoods, raw prepared foods, wild-crafted edibles/teas and top-of-the-line nutritionals and supplements. Health and nutrition are our primary focus, aiming to educate and empower others through healing foods and optimal nutrition. The path to health and fulfillment lies within each of us—to make that choice for ourselves. And we believe in making these foods available in ways that are accessible and enjoyable to incorporate in your daily lives. This vision of health freedom is something we believe in very much and is the driving factor behind everything we do!

What we produce for MWFF: Flour, maple syrup, eggs
Producer: Howick Community Co-op
Location: Gorie
Production Methods: Non-certified Organic

Founded in 2013, Howick Community Co-op is a group of farmers in an old-order Mennonite community near Wingham, created to share infrastructure (such as an egg-grading station) and sell the combined output from their farms. Besides eggs, HCF sells certified organic flour from their new mill, certified organic maple syrup, pastured beef, ketchup and more.

What we produce for MWFF: Pears
Producer: Roy, Eleanor and Paul Bousfield, Bousfields Apples and Cider
Location: Milton
Production Methods: Certified Organic

Founded in 1908, Bousfields Apples and Cider has been certified organic since 2001. Roy, Eleanor and Paul Bousfield strive to grow the most nutritious fruit possible, going beyond the organic standards.

What we produce for MWFF: Honey
Producer: Carleton Allan, Lovely Bee Apiaries
Location: Brampton
Production Methods: Non-certified Organic

Carlton Allen has a Bachelors of Science degree in Agronomy and a Masters of Science degree in Agriculture Diversification, plus a passion for bees, whom he calls his “extended family members.”

What we produce for MWFF: Bread
Producer: Thomas Wilson & Nicole Judge, Spirit Tree Cidery
Location: Caledon
Production Methods: We bake in the old European style, using natural starters and slow fermentation. All of our breads are handcrafted and hearth-baked daily in our wood-fired oven. The result is a flavourful, artisan loaf. We use all locally grown/milled flour from P&H milling in Cambridge, and no artificial preservatives are ever used.

After years of running a successful farm market and pick-your-own operation, we wanted to expand our business. We decided to take an introductory baking course at George Brown College in Toronto and to install a full bakery in the market. The response from our customers was amazing. To build on that knowledge, we attended a one-week pastry course at Le Cordon Bleu Chef School in Ottawa in 2004. We journeyed to Paris to complete an intensive one-week course in Boulangerie (bread making) at the famous Le Cordon Bleu Chef School in 2005. We spent time visiting bakeries and markets all over Paris. One thing that really stood out for us was the quality of bread in France—a combination of artisan know-how and old world techniques.

We came back with a real appreciation for bread baked the old-fashioned way in wood-fired ovens. The following year we enrolled in a course that was being offered on building and using wood-fired ovens at the San Francisco Baking Institute in California. We learned a lot from our instructors as well as the chefs and bakers taking the course with us. We have travelled to many locations to look at other wood-fired oven bakeries including California, Kansas, Australia, Quebec, Vermont and Paris.

What we produce for MWFF: Strawberries
Producer: Pfennings Farms
Location: Baden
Production Methods: Certified Organic

Pfenning’s Organic Farm is a grower, packer and shipper of certified organic produce. At Pfennings, we take a holistic approach to sustainability, and we practice organic concepts both in business and our personal lives.

Our farm is nestled in a curve of the Nith River just outside Baden, Ontario, providing us with a peaceful setting in which to raise our children. We think “local first” and focus on family and community building. From that starting point, we develop market relationships where mutual respect is the foundation. Our staff, including Jamaican migrant workers, are not only employees, but neighbours and friends. The vegetables we grow are packed on our farm and sold in stores around our region and across the province. We provide an unbroken chain of traceability and responsibility from field to fork, and we offer a reliable standard for our customers. While our focus is local production first, we also import off-season and tropical products to round out our line-up and be able to offer quality product year round.

What we produce for MWFF: Dry soup mixes
Producer: Jen Clark, Soup Girl
Location: Caledon
Production Methods: Conventional. Local ingredients whenever possible.

Combining her passions for food and sustainability, Jennifer Clark developed her Dry Soup Medleys with the aim of creating healthy, delicious, natural and vegetarian foods that were also suitable for many people’s busy lifestyles.

A vegetarian since the age of 10, Jennifer learned at an early age to cook nutritious meals and maximize taste by using lots of spices and herbs. Her soup flavours are inspired by her frequent culinary adventures in her own kitchen, as well as in many parts of the world. Eat well and enjoy!

What we produce for MWFF: Canned preserves
Producer: Richard and Jennifer Kendall, Old Country Farm
Location: Amaranth
Production Methods: Mostly using home-grown, non-certified-organic ingredients.

We are a full CSA and operate an on-site old-fashioned market in Amaranth, Ontario, serving up a wide variety of clean preserves, eggs, heirloom vegetables, herbs, meat, and seedlings in the spring, all sourced directly from our farm. We have made a commitment to serve products that not only support other local families, but are also very nutritious and environmentally friendly.

What we produce for MWFF: Dried beans
Producer: Ahren Hughes
Location: Neustadt
Production Methods: Non-certified Organic

Blackshire Gardens is a small-scale, diversified farm in Grey County, Ontario. We currently grow shiitake mushrooms, beans, grains and asparagus. Blackshire Gardens was first established as a permaculture project based out of Guelph, Ontario, in 2004. We rented land at three different area farms and produced beans, shiitake mushrooms and Berkshire pork. We also experimented with nut trees, medicinal herbs and chickens. In 2011 we bought our own farm in a vibrant community of young organic farmers. We’re lucky to be surrounded by a plethora of inspiring farmers growing organic vegetables, meat, eggs, fruit and flowers. We’re not currently certified organic, but we don’t use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

What we produce for MWFF: Apples, cider
Producer: Scott Lunau, Albion Orchards
Location: Caledon
Production Methods: Conventional growing using Integrated Pest Management as overarching approach.

A local farm run by Scott Lunau offering pick-your-own apples, pumpkins and Christmas trees. Beautiful fall harvest scenery. Visit the store and find lots of yummy baked goods.