About Mount Wolfe Farm

Our Land Ethic

Mount Wolfe Farm’s growing practices reflect our love of this land and our sense of responsibility for its long-term health. This is a responsibility we take very seriously.

For the past 50 years, we have demonstrated how reforestation and conservation efforts can regenerate depleted farmland and improve biodiversity, soil health and ecological integrity.

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We operate from the premise that our whole farm is an integrated system. This includes the management of woodlots, perennial grass–covered fields, our 10-kilometre trail system and market garden plots.

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Mount Wolfe Forest Farm is a 70-acre property in Caledon and home for three generations of Crandalls.

Guided by our parents’ legacy and the current generation’s commitment to conservation of the land, our farming and forestry practices are grounded in ecological approaches that improve and enhance soil fertility, biodiversity and animal health.

Mount Wolfe Farm Family Photo
Pictured: Top Row: Sarah H, Sarah D, Marce. Bottom Row: Sheilagh, Nahla, Debbe. Photo credit: Rosemary Hasner
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For example, allowing free-range chickens into fallow market garden plots to feed on insects fertilizes the soil for next season’s crops and provides a pest-management solution.

Although we have not gone the organic certification route—which can be a cumbersome administrative process—we encourage you to speak with us about our ecological and regenerative growing practices.

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We use regenerative farm techniques to produce over 40 varieties of vegetables and culinary herbs, as well as Bonnie's Heavy Red free-range chickens

Even better, as a Mount Wolfe Farm member, you are invited to visit the farm to witness the care that goes into protecting our land and growing your food. A 10-minute walk through our trails, fields, woodlots and gardens will tell you more about our land ethic and the love we have for this farm than could ever be conveyed on a webpage through a screen. We hope to see you here!

We also provide a full selection of foodstuff produced by local farmers and businesses, including fruit, honey, maple syrup, home-made soup, baked goods, eggs, preserves and more.
Every Friday from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. (every second Friday from November to end of May), members can select 'market style' from freshly harvested seasonal produce.
The food we provide has been grown or produced well within 100 kilometres.