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SOLD OUT FOR SUMMER 2020 - Please email info@mountwolfefarm.ca for Full Year, Full Year Half, or Winter Share wait list.

What You Get

Mount Wolfe Farm offers a year-round service for people who are interested in locally and ethically grown food. Using ecological and regenerative farm applications, we produce a variety of vegetables, herbs and free-range chickens on our farm. We also provide a full selection of foods produced by other local farmers and producers to bring you a range of foodstuffs and homestuffs. In addition to all the bounty of our farm, members have access to a wide selection of Ontario fruit, microgreens, honey, maple syrup, preserves, homemade soups, baked goods, eggs, flour, handmade soaps, soy candles, beeswax wraps, cloth produce bags and more.  

CSA members come to the farm on Fridays between 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm during the summer months to collect their share. During the summer and fall seasons (from May to October), when the market gardens are bountiful, CSA pick-ups are weekly. During the winter and spring season (November to March), when the market garden production slows down, CSA pick-up changes to every second week.

There are now six different ways to share in our Mount Wolfe Farm CSA programme: 

  • Full Year Share
  • Full Year Half Share
  • Summer Share
  • Summer Half Share
  • Winter Share
  • Workshare Memberships

To give you more choice and flexibility, we use a points system for the foodstuffs, homestuffs and chicken. Each item is assigned a point value which can be used to ‘shop’ week by week. If you use your points budget before the end of your membership, extra points packages can be purchased at any time. 

Full Year Share

Designed for medium to large families and/or couples who love to cook and eat a lot of veggies! Weekly pickups run from May through October and transition to every two weeks November to March.

  • $2422.50 ($1188 veggies + 1188 foodstuffs points)
  • 36 pickups over 11 months.

Start any time

Payment can be made in full or in four quarterly installments of $625.

Full Year Half Share

Perfect for the smaller household (1-2 people), the Full Year Half Share provides the same quantity and selection per pickup as the Full Year Share, with half the number of pickups over the year. Pickups are every two weeks from May to October, transitioning to monthly pickups November to March.

  • $1264.80 ($594 of veggies + 594 foodstuffs points)
  • 19 pickups over 11 months

Start any time

Payment can be made in full or two installments of $650

Summer Share

From the earliest salad greens to full-on harvest time, this is the best of our bounty. Perfect for families with kids and/or lots of summer visitors! Pickups are weekly.

  • $1275 ($850 veggies + 350 foodstuffs points)
  • 26 pickups over 6 months.

Runs from May – October

Payment can be made in full or two instalments of $650

Summer Half Share

All the same fresh, in-season choices as a Full Summer Share, half the number of pickups. Pickups are every 2 weeks.

  • $637.50 ($400 veggies + 175 foodstuff points)
  • 13 pickups over 6 months.

Runs from May – October

Payment can be made for the full amount.

Winter Share

A full selection of fresh and cold-storage fall and winter vegetables for a small to medium household. Plus extra helpings of local specialty foodstuffs for the holiday season! Pickups are every two weeks.

  • $1275 ($500 veggies + 700 foodstuff points)
  • 11 pickups over 5 months.

Starts Nov 1st and ends March 20th 2020

Payment can be made full or two instalments of $650

Workshare Memberships

  Applies to Full Year, Full Year Half Share, Summer Share

Ecological farming at this scale can be a labour-intensive operation. Although Mount Wolfe Farm uses a tractor and various farm implements, hands-on tending to the crops and animals is always needed. In addition, there’s always communication and administrative work that needs to be done, as well as pitching in at events and farmers markets.

Every year, Mount Wolfe Farm offers a limited number of Workshare memberships. The workshare provides all the same food that is available to the various share options at a reduced price. Designed for young families and people with limited incomes, we offer this price break in exchange for your commitment to help our farm team produce healthy and tasty vegetables.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get your hands dirty and wants to become involved in Mount Wolfe Farm’s operations, and if you’d like to save even more on your weekly grocery bill, then we have an offer for you!

  •   Small Workshare Membership: $455 discount for 35 hours of labour 
  •   Medium Workshare Membership: $585 discount for 45 hours labour
  •   Large Workshare membership: $975 discount for 75 hours labour

Applies to Full Year, Full Year Half Share, Summer Share

We recognize that many families are losing access to outdoor spaces where they can take part in productive work together. We have created an opportunity to address this. Ideally, we would love to see the Workshare membership utilized by young families who would like to bring their children to the farm and take part in growing their own food while experiencing the land. It’s not just farm labour that we’re looking for – specifically, we’d like to explore Workshare memberships with people and families who are interested in:

  •    General farm labour, planting, weeding and harvesting, chicken chores
  •    Off-farm assistance at markets and workshops
  •    Developing weekly recipes especially for utilizing seasonal produce
  •    Trail maintenance & woodlot management
  •    Communications, outreach, web design, and social media.

If you want to learn more about this membership option and pricing details for various share types, please email us at info@mountwolfefarm.ca or call us at 647-335-8897.

Meat Chickens

Mount Wolfe Farm raises free-range chickens as an integral part of our soil-fertility and pest-management strategy.

The chickens are kept in three flocks of 50-60 birds, and each flock has free-range access to 10,000 square feet of fallow market garden plots. Over the course of four months, our chickens eat a diverse range of insects and plants, while fertilizing the fallow garden plots and improving them for the next growing season. At the end of their lives, we take the chickens to be slaughtered at Schefter Poultry Processors, an inspected facility near Harriston, Ontario. Whole chickens weigh on average 4–5 lbs. Chicken is also available in a range of bone-in, skin-on cuts and is stored in freezers at our farm. 

CSA Members can use points for chicken 

No matter which type of share you have, you can use your points to get chicken! On pickup-day there will always be a selection of chicken cuts available. Each package will have a point-value so it’s as easy as picking out your preferred cut/size and adding it to your basket.


Under review for 2020 – Please check back soon!

Payment Information

For pricing and payment options, or just to say hi, please call 647-335-8897 or email info@mountwolfefarm.ca.

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