Producer Network

We’ve made eating locally as EASY as possible – your one stop shop for seasonal produce and groceries. We’ve chosen farmers and producers for their ecological growing & animal husbandry practices and all of this great food is produced well within 100 miles of our farm.

Our ambition is to contribute to a strong local food system so that independent, ecologically-minded businesses can drive a thriving rural economy. Your grocery dollar goes towards more than just vegetables with a Mount Wolfe Farm CSA share; it supports these producers so they can continue to make a living and responsibly steward the countryside.

We strive to capture 30% of an average family’s food needs by finding the best producers south-central Ontario has to offer. You receive delicious foodstuffs and the community retains a vital knowledge of food production, ecological land management, and a continuous seat at the table to advocate for protection of farmland & nature – talk about a win-win!

Eggs & Meat


The Crandall Family, Mount Wolfe Farm

Location: Mount Wolfe Farm
Production Methods: Fed Certified Organic feed from Dodds & Erwin (Perth) Source through k2 milling, Pastured in Summer, Free Ranging in Winter

Kent & Deb, Porter Oakes Farm

Location: Amaranth
Production Methods: Non-GMO fed, free ranging
Grass Fed Beef

Pam Jackson, Broken Gate Farm

Location: Caledon
Production Methods: 100% Grass-Fed Black Angus Beef
Pastured Chicken

Nathan Kupfer, Riverside Acres Farm

Location: Millbank
Production Methods: Non-certified Organic fed (Grown on-farm) Pastured, free-ranging
Grass Fed Lamb

Antonio Cavaleiro, Cavaleiro Farm

Location: Schomberg
Production Methods: Grass-fed, Pastured, non-certified organic
Trout: Whole, Filets, and Smoked

Bruce Green, Kolapore Springs Fish Hatchery

Location: Kolapore
Production Methods: Ecologically farmed in cold-water off-line ponds


Bread & Baked Goods

Nkosi Halls, Nkosi Bread Co.

Location: Bradford
Production Methods: Small Batch, uses k2 milling flour
Bread & Baked Goods

Matt Lawrence, From The Group Up

Location: Toronto
Production Methods: Small Batch, Naturally leavened, Organic & regeneratively Ontario grown grain
Bread & Baked Goods

Cavell Martin Miller, Cavell’s Cafe

Location: Tottenham
Production Methods: Small Batch Soups, Quiches, and Baked Goods made with Mount Wolfe Farm produce
Dried Beans and Lentils

Leevi & Vanessa Hotari, Free Acres

Location: King Township
Production Methods: Certified organic by EcoCert.
Dried Beans and Lentils

Laura Ferrier, Lau-tea-da Lentils

Location: Elora
Production Methods: Non-GMO & low-impact conventional
Dry Soup

Jennifer Clark, Soup Girl

Location: Caledon
Production Methods: Organic and conventional using local ingredients whenever possible

Fruit & Produce

Apples & Apple Products: Sauce, Butter, Cider

Mary Milanovich, Apple Creek Farm

Location: Drayton
Production Methods: Certified organic
Apples & Apple Products: Sauce, Butter, Cider

Scott Lunau, Albion Orchard

Location: Caledon East
Production Methods: Low-impact conventional
Peaches, Plums, Cherries, Apricots, Table Grapes

The Schmitz Family, Palatine Fruit & Roses

Location: Niagara-on-the-Lake
Production Methods: Low-spray conventional

Caroyln Sheardown, Carolyn’s Strawberries

Location: Schomberg
Production Methods: Naturally Grown

Shannon Coleclough, Fresh and Tasty Mushrooms

Location: Amaranth
Production Methods: Non-Certified Organic

Isaiah Swidersky, Rose Mountain Farm

Location: Everett
Production Methods: Certified organic


Handmade Soaps

Nadia Sandland, The Soap Hut

Location: Bolton
Production Methods: Small Batch
Scented Soy Candles

Ashley Broderick, Ash + Aura Candle Co.

Location: Caledon
Production Methods: 100% Natural Soy Wax, Small Batch
Scented Soy Candles

Sarah Palumbo, East of Fifty

Location: Bolton
Production Methods: 100% Natural Soy Wax, Small Batch
Bath Bombs & Lip Balm

Lori Madgett, Health for Life

Location: Orangeville
Production Methods: Natural Ingredients, Small Batch
Eco-Friendly Tea, Home & Personal Care Products

Betty DeGroot, Turtle Green Refillery

Location: Bolton
Production Methods: Low/Zero Waste Packaging, Responsibly Sourced